Facebook Phone Number Security

Do you want everyone to see your phone number on facebook? You might be surprised at all the personal information facebook shares. Did you know your phone number is now visible on facebook!!

Try it: Go to the top right of your screen, click Account, then Edit Friends. Go to the left side of your screen and click Phonebook. Most of your friends’ phone numbers are published.

You won’t find my number. To HIDE your phone number: Go to Account, then Privacy Settings, then Customize Settings (in the middle of the page). Check out everything there.  Then scroll way down to Contact Information. My phone #’s are set to ONLY ME.  That way, my number is visible to Only me, and no-one else.

For more information, email   rhonda.galvin@prufoxroach.com

Be safe, keep your private information private.


Free Cultural Events at Penn State Great Valley

The School of Graduate and Professional Studies at Penn State Great Valley is sponsoring a series of cultural events that are free and open to the community, with advance registration.  This is your opportunity for a variety of enrichment experiences.  On February 23rd, hear  The Behind the Scenes Story of the Chilean Miners Rescue, presented by engineers who aided with the rescue in Chile.   On February 28th, you can enjoy a multimedia production of Rachel Harris: One Woman over the Line, the true story of a runaway slave and her search for freedom.  Enjoy the events!  Register for the events on Penn State’s website at    http://bit.ly/ideJvZ

Remodeling Cost Versus Value for 2010

When remodeling your home, don’t overspend. Update your home so you can enjoy it or sell it, but don’t expect a return on your investment.  In past years, you would recoup most of the cost of remodelling when you sold your home.  Today, you will only get back from 60 to 70% of your costs, according to Remodeling Magazines Cost Versus Value  Survey for 2010-2011.


Waste Land Documentary at Penn State

The snow is melting and it’s time to venture to a new location.  Penn State Great Valley is showing the documentary Waste Land on February 10th.  The film depicts the journey of artist Vik Muniz from his home in Brooklyn to the world’s largest garbage dump located on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  To register for this event, call 610-725-5218 or go to http://www.sgps.psu.edu/wasteland/default.ashx

Prevent and Fix Ice Dams

Heavy snows and cold weather can cause dangerous ice dams in your gutters. Water from melting snow runs down the roof slope under the snow and refreezes at the roof’s edge creating a dam. Millions of dollars in damage each year is caused by ice dams.  Improper attic insulation and air leaks can cause a warm attic, which is conducive to ice dams.  To remove your ice dam, use a snow rake to remove snow from the roof and calcium chloride to melt the ice.  For more info go to


Phoenixville’s First Friday February 4th

Enjoy Phoenixville’s First Friday, Feb. 4th from 6 PM – 8 PM. This is your opportunity to venture into lots of great art venues and eating establishments. Highlights include firebird inspired art at the Artisans Gallery and photos showing intriguing details and surface textures hidden throughout Phoenixville, at the Handcrafted Cookie Company.  Stroll along Main and Bridge Streets and enjoy the many fine restaurants.